Concerns Regarding Jim Molenaar for Collier County Property Appraiser Narrative – Court Document

We have significant concerns about Jim Molenaar’s candidacy for Collier County Property Appraiser, as there are several issues that raise questions about his suitability for this important role.

Documents from his court deposition reveal that Molenaar admitted to having sexual relations with more than one fellow office staffer, including a subordinate, while married. Additionally, he filed suit against the Clerk of Courts office for wrongful termination, and this suit was dismissed.

Molenaar was also turned down for a promotion within the Collier County Clerk of Courts office. He has sought various other positions, including Collier County Clerk of Courts, Ethics Officer for the City of Naples, and Finance Director for Fort Myers Beach, but was unsuccessful in securing these roles.

Furthermore, Molenaar’s prior campaign for Clerk of Court produced advertisements suggesting misconduct at the Clerk of Courts office, which were misleading. These claims were related to a phishing campaign during the height of COVID, and Molenaar himself was involved in addressing the issue.

Given these factors, we believe Molenaar’s candidacy does not align with the values we uphold for this position.