Welcome to Collier County

Time To Live Like a Floridian

Floridians have an expression that you really aren’t in Florida until you at least get south of Sarasota on the West Coast or Vero Beach on the East.

Presumably you chose SW Florida to enjoy a new quality of life and to perhaps “get away from it all.” Your choice was most likely attributed to our year around wonderful weather.  Perhaps you also considered the advantages of property ownership in an open state that balances state budgets without resorting to an income tax, or that we enjoy a low rate of unemployment, are minimally regulated and that schools, business and recreational activities are completely open.   You’ll be pleased to know that the vast majority of your neighbors feel exactly the same as you.

The Great Lifestyle Didn’t Just Happen

This doesn’t happen by chance.  SW Florida is the epicenter of the strongest representation of conservative voters in the entire state.  94% of the 127,724 Collier County Republicans voted in the 2020 general election, the highest percentage of all 67 Florida counties.  Collier Conservatives represent over 2/3 of both political parties.  Collier County currently has over 600 experienced Republican volunteers that are determined to ensure Florida retains the amenities we all came here to enjoy.  Our goal is to add 400 more to that total by 2022 to ensure continued success by keeping our community and Florida managed and led by vetted, term limited conservatives.

Your new friends in Collier County cordially invite you to attend any of the conservative organizations within our county. Click Here  It’s a congenial way to meet and to enjoy the company of likeminded friends to help you transition into your new community.

Voter Registration:   If you have not already done so, you may want to complete the attached Voter Register Application and mail the original form to the Collier County Supervisor of Elections office, 3750 Enterprise Ave Naples FL 34104-3659 Phone: 239-252-8683 Customer Service.  The online form may be obtained via Collier Supervisor of Elections Voter Registration page