Origin of Thought

A great effort was put in to the 2020 election cycle by many of our members. That successful effort carried candidates who share our values in government. People continue to move into the Florida, and specifically Collier County because of the freedoms offered by the way government is conducted.

Keep Our Quality of Life

We wanted to ensure the values and quality of life issue continue in all governmental bodies. That means we have to encourage newcomers to align their thinking with what has been a success in electing these values centric candidates. It means changing the voting patterns that initiated new residents to move away from their past home. This will include two main efforts:

  1. Reaching out to new residents and welcoming them to the area while providing them options to join and engage with like minded organizations. Easy to understand topics will include:
    1. No Income Tax
    2. Public Safety/Strong Police Enforcement
    3. Low Property Tax Rate
    4. Personal Freedoms
    5. Schools are Open (93% participation)
    6. Businesses are Open and Commerce Flowing
  2. Creating a method to gauge candidates based on the values that are shown on the home page of this website. This will be done via the following methods
    1. Invest in Officials that demonstrate our Values.
    2. Invest in Incumbent Candidates that demonstrate our Values.
    3. Invest in identifying, building and supporting Candidates that demonstrate our Values.
    4. Support social club Publicity efforts to target new residents with a Values broad awareness campaign.
    5. Support social club Membership, Target specific demographics for Club memberships (e.g. Young Republicans,
      Hispanics, East Naples).