August Primary Election Candidate Ratings

As stated at the origin of the Collier County Citizens Values Political Action Committee (CCCVPAC) was formed to ensure Florida remains red with Republican leadership. We based the ratings on how we believe the candidates embrace our values, which are: U.S. Constitution, Limited Government – Home Rule, Individual Freedom, Free Enterprise, Fiscal Responsibility, and Equality. These values are more fully described on the bottom of our website Home Page.

CCCVPAC does not intend to endorse candidates, but rather to educate the voters by providing information on how we believe they embrace the values stated above.

There were 9 committees set up to review questionnaires and interview the candidates.

Our State Representatives have no challengers for the Primary elections, so those candidates are not included in these ratings. In addition, many nonpartisan races will not be held until the General Election so those candidates also are not included in these ratings. We aren’t allowed to weigh in on Federal offices per our charter.

Below are the ratings for the Primary Election:

Collier County Commission District 2

(Closed primary, meaning only registered Republicans can vote)

The two top rated candidates were Reg Buxton and Chris Hall. Buxton received the highest rating based upon his long-term track record in the Republican Party, and his vast experience and contributions to the local community in many capacities. Chris Hall, although new to the area (registered to vote in Collier in 2019) did display strong support for our values.

Candidate Nancy Lewis refused to be interviewed and was disqualified from consideration.

Reg Buxton Website

Chris Hall Website

Reg Buxton

Chris Hall

Collier Commission District 4

(Closed primary, meaning only registered Republicans can vote)

The top two rated candidates are Michelle McLeod and Daniel Kowal. McLeod has demonstrated adherence to Republican values in past roles, and has been highly engaged in various efforts to improve our community. Daniel Kowal has also served our community admirably for many years and espouses strong support for our values.

Candidates Penny Taylor and Daija Hinojosa refused to be interviewed and were removed from consideration.

Michelle McLeod Website

Daniel Kowal Website

Michelle McLeod

Daniel Kowal

Collier County Judge Seat 2

Both candidates Pamela Barger and Chris Brown are rated as sharing our values. Chris Brown was given the higher rating.

Chris Brown Website

Pamela Barger Website

Chris Brown

Pamela Barger

Collier County Schoolboard District 1

Although Kimberly Ann Boobyer and Jerry Rutherford both share our values, Kimberly Ann Boobyer receives the top rating.

There was concern about the physical stamina of Jerry Rutherford to undertake a board position.

Candidate Jory Westberry did not answer in a satisfactory manner in order to be considered

Kimberly Boobyer Website

Jerry Rutherford Website

Kimberly Boobyer

Jerry Rutherford

Collier County School Board District 3

This was a difficult race to rate. It was determined Jana Greer, Kelly Lichter and Jen Mitchell all support our values, and we were unable to rate one above the rest. Kelly Lichter was ranked lower than the other two based upon past behavior in School Board meetings, excessive legal procedures against anyone challenging her positions, and public appearances.

Jana Greer Website

Kelly Lichter Website

Jen Mitchell Website

Jana Greer

Kelly Lichter

Jen Mitchell

Collier County School Board District 5

This was another difficult race to rate. Three candidates, Timothy Moshier, Ana Turino and incumbent Roy Terry all indicated support for our values, but we feel that this might be a good time to bring a new person with a fresh outlook to the office. Jackie Keay, who is also a candidate for district 5,  did not answer the questionnaire. It was noted that our ratings team was not favorably impressed with Mr. Moshier’s performance at certain candidate forums.

Tim Moshier Website

Roy Terry Website

Ana Turino Website

Tim Moshier

Roy Terry

Ana Turino