Avoiding Perceived Conflict of Interest

The CCCVPAC members are active in political circles, many members for decades in Collier County. This could result in perceived bias in selecting candidates. To avoid the appearance of conflict and in transparency, we state the manner which could be interpreted as bias, and also remove that conflict in voting for candidate ratings.

  • Russell Tuff has performed paid services for candidate Michelle McLeod in her Collier County Commission race and John Dugan for Naples City Council and will not be allowed to participate in candidate ratings in the District 4 Collier County Commission race, nor the Naples City Council race.
  • John Dugan was an at large member the CCCVPAC and resigned August 31 before entering the race.
  • Reg Buxton was an at large member of the CCCVPAC and resigned March 1 to enter the race for Collier County Commissioner District 2.