And They’re Off – A Great Start and not the Kentucky Derby

Russell Tuff
Chairman, CCCVPAC

We are excited at the progress that has been made in developing Collier County Citizens Values Political Action Committee (CCCVPAC). The board has been three times and have committees established, events planned, and volunteers signing up.

Upcoming Events

Our first event will be help over the Memorial Day weekend, Friday, May 28th from 5:30 pm  to 8:30 pm. It will be a great BBQ with all of the fixin’s live music and talks from local elected officials. Get details and tickets here.

To ensure success, we need to build a war chest of $200,000 to effect the election locally. This event and future events will be held to raise funds. If you want to donate click here

Outreach Has Begun

Our first trifold flyer has been printed and in distribution. The plan is to get this flyer in the homes of all new residents to encourage them to change their voting habits from up north and help us Keep Florida Red.

We have teams in Eastern Collier County and South Collier in possession of 1,500 flyers. If you would like to help, sign up here.

See the flyer here

Candidate Ratings and Recruitment

The candidate rating committee has set down guidelines to accurately rate candidates and where candidates appear lacking in our values, we plan to recruit new candidates. Sign up for ratings or candidate recruitment here.

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