Naples City Elections Update: The Battle Unveiled!

The Naples City elections are set to be a showdown like never before, with candidates revealing their cards and alliances. Let’s dive into the latest updates and intriguing details:

Mayoral Race: Clash of Titans

  • Ted Blankenship: Fearless and self-invested, Blankenship has raised a formidable $34,009.80, including a $15,000 loan from the man himself. With spending at $22,489.22, he’s aiming high.
  • Teresa Heitmann: A self-backed powerhouse, Heitmann storms in with $48,579.74, including a $5,000 loan from her own reserves. Watch out for her strategic moves, having spent $12,687.
  • Gary Price: The financial giant in the mayoral ring, Price is a fundraising maestro with $188,275 in his war chest. With spending at $73,936, he’s playing big in this high-stakes game.

City Council Race: A Symphony of Strategies

  • Berne Barton: With $57,399.86 in the bank and strategic spending at $6,570.24, Barton is weaving a political masterpiece.
  • Garey Cooper: A self-invested visionary, Cooper has put up $1,500 (loan to himself) and strategically spent $1,494. A newcomer with potential.
  • Nicholas M Del Rosso: Maintaining a mysterious silence, Del Rosso keeps his cards close, revealing nothing at this stage.
  • William E Kramer: A financial force to be reckoned with, Kramer boasts $63,875 in funds, having spent $7,069.25 strategically. He’s a key player in the council chessboard.
  • Linda Penniman: A self-supporting dynamo, Penniman has injected $10,200 (loan $9,000 to herself) into her campaign, spending $3,775.95 wisely. She’s making her mark.
  • Tony Perez-Benitoa: With $46,435 in the war chest and strategic spending at $9,636.36, Perez-Benitoa is a strategic player in this political chess game.

Alliances Revealed: United for Change

A game-changing mailer unveils alliances that could reshape Naples City. Gary Price for Mayor has strategically allied with William E Kramer, Berne Barton, and Tony Perez-Benitoa for City Council. A united front against dysfunction.

The Voter Turnout Dilemma

As the battleground heats up, it’s crucial to note that Naples City has seen voter turnout fluctuations, ranging from a mere 28% to a high of 50%. The key to victory? Mobilizing the electorate. This race isn’t just about the best candidate—it’s about getting the voters to the polls.

Stay tuned for more updates as the Naples City elections unfold, coinciding with the Presidential primary election. The stage is set, alliances are formed, and the voters hold the power to shape the future of Naples City!

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