Stopping Dysfunction and Deterioration at Naples City Hall

Russell Tuff
Chairman, CCCVPAC

The dysfunction is getting worse with Napes City Council members. The city manager resigned, the new interim city manager resigned, and a couple of high ranking supervisors have left as well.

Naples government is falling apart. Action needs to take place to change the dysfunctional city council. The long marathon meetings with no meaningful outcomes are tiring. The change can only come through elections.

We’ve been here before.

Were you around in the early 1990’s? If you weren’t here, you didn’t witness the severe deterioration of 5th Ave South in Naples. It became depressing to walk what was once a vibrant downtown.

It became run down with many open storefronts. There was a group of city council people nicknamed the “Three Amigos” who were against investing in downtown and let the deterioration continue.

To meet consumer demand, new shopping locations were built to meet consumer demand. The mall expanded, we saw Waterside Shops, Village Walk, and later Mercato.

Improving Naples

It was determined at that time something had to change in City Hall. A few vision projects took place across the community to get the public engaged with names like FOCUS and other planning programs.
Eventually, Andres Duany was hired to create a new vision for downtown Naples, and we see the result of that.

Businesses always need to be changing, adapting, and investing to remain vibrant. People began to proudly walk downtown with great dining and shopping. It became one of the jewels of Naples again.

Once again we are see the area get a little tired and the need to revitalize certain areas is becoming apparent if we are to maintain the strength and jewel of Naples.

There is resistance and dragging of feet with the current city council members, who want to focus on “affordable housing’ and other ventures, while the streets need better lighting to keep residents safe and planned improvements are delayed.

What we are seeing is a good example in Naples of what is happening in the US now that Democrats have taken control – Complete dysfunction.

The Cure for Naples

Why are we here again? It is because we elected Democrats who changed their political affiliation in order to be more palatable to the Naples Republican base.

We have the ability to remove those formerly Democrat candidates. We just have to show up to vote.

We will disclose who the Republicans are in the election to help you vote to right the ship.

We have a Ratings committee set up to evaluate the current candidates and any new people putting their hat in the ring. We will keep you informed of the findings, based on voting records, experience and remaining true to Republican values.

We need to send out postcards, emails, electronic and social media advertisements to change the dysfunction in Naples City Council. If you agree, we could use your help.

Please donate $20.22 for the 2022 election cycle and keep Naples as the crown jewel it is today.  Click Here to Donate


Low Republican Voter Turnout of Republicans in City Elections Harmed Naples

We will run a strong Get Out The Vote (GOTV) Campaign for this election cycle. Absentee ballots go out to voters in December and we need to send mailers, emails, and electronic messages with the candidate ratings, and the GOTV emphasis to All Registered Republicans. Be part of the solution and vote.

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