Weekly Wrap-Up with Congressman Byron Donalds November 1


This past week, Congress remained in session as Democrats continued their streak of failing to address the multiple crises facing the American people.


Joe Biden’s desperation for approval is now causing his administration to look to illegal immigrants for support. As his open border policies remain a massive failure, the President and his administration are considering a plan to provide illegal immigrants up to $450,000 per person due to the legal and appropriate handling of their unlawful entry into our nation enforced under President Trump. This proposal is estimated to cost more than $1 billion of taxpayer dollars and will undoubtedly exacerbate the crisis on our southern border.


As we quickly approach this holiday season, Americans are expected to experience the most expensive Thanksgiving holiday on record. In the ten months that Joe Biden has been in office, his failed policies have caused record inflation, a crippling supply chain shortage, and a national labor shortage – the burden of these crises falling upon the American people and their wallets. Democrats on Capitol Hill are struggling to pass a multi-trillion-dollar socialist spending package that will send our nation further into debt and raise taxes on America’s middle class are significantly out of touch with reality and Americans’ economic struggles. Rather than trying to bring much-needed relief to the American people and bring forth sensible solutions to any of the crises facing our nation, Democrats are solely focused on passing the most invasive form of government overreach in history. While Congressional Democrats stand in denial and disarray, my colleagues & I on this side of the aisle are committing to solving crucial issues like the border crisis, massive inflation, labor shortage, and the supply chain crisis.


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Legislative Updates
This past week, I introduced a resolution honoring the life and the legacy of General Colin L. Powell. A trailblazer, a legendary statesman, and a great American – I was


General Colin L. Powell was a trailblazer, a legendary statesman, and a great American. This past week, I was honored to introduce a resolution to properly honor the life and legacy of Gen. Powell and his lasting impact on American politics and military affairs.


Read the resolution in its entirety here:


H. Res. 748 – Honoring the Life and Legacy of General Colin L. Powell



Last week, I was proud to join my colleague Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) in cosponsoring the BE GONE Act.


This bill seeks to protect every community in America from the dangers of illegal immigrants convicted of sexual assault.


Biden has failed to protect America at home and abroad.


Read more here: Rep. Stefanik Introduces House Bill to Block, Deport Immigrants with Sex Crime Convictions


This past week, I joined a press conference with members of the Florida delegation to highlight the important need to fight these authoritarian mandates.


To the hundreds of thousands who fear losing their livelihoods for not complying with Biden’s unconstitutional & tyrannical mandates:


In Florida, we respect medical freedom and reject mandates that infringe upon the rights of the American people. Watch the press conference below:


Rep. Byron Donalds Speaks Out on Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandates



Last week, House Oversight and Reform Committee held a hearing on ‘Fueling the Climate Crisis: Exposing Big Oil’s Disinformation Campaign to Prevent Climate Action.’ This committee, led by Chairwoman Maloney continues to intimidate energy companies, which provide power to the American people.


Let’s be clear, the world will always demand energy.


If you’re not getting energy from us, where we actually produce energy more clearly and more safely, countries will get it from Russia or China – and they don’t care what the climate activists have to say on Twitter. Watch the segment of the hearing below:





Last Thursday, I released a statement condemning the House Oversight and Reform Committee Chairwoman Maloney’s planned subpoenaing of oil companies. Tying the hands of our energy industry is a threat to our national security, the health of our climate, and our stature on the world stage, and I will not stand idly by as Democrats seek to kill jobs and enrich our rivals.


Read my full statement below:





In the Media
Last week, I had the privilege to write an op-ed honoring the late Gen. Colin Powell and his inspiring vision of a great American Dream. As a Black man, several generations to his junior, my success in business and politics was only possible through the tenacious and intrepid spirit of men like Gen. Powell. May he rest In eternal peace.


Read my op-ed below:


Rep. Byron Donalds: Colin Powell and His Inspiring Vision of a Great America


This past week, I had the opportunity to join ‘Unfiltered with Dan Bongino’ on Fox News to discuss the Democrat’s attempt to divide America based on vaccination status, big media’s bias towards America’s Governor, Gov. Ron DeSantis, and the Biden Border Crisis.


Watch the interview below:



Last week, I had spoke on Fox Business about the Democrats radical socialist spending policies. There is just not enough money amongst the rich to subsidize their crazy plans. Simply put, Washington cannot get their hands on enough of YOUR money to fund their massive government takeover.


Watch a segment of the interview below:




This past week, I had the pleasure of joining ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ on Fox News to discuss COVID-19 and the unconstitutional vaccine mandates by the Biden administration. A message for Biden, when you cough into your hand, make sure you wash it before you start shaking hands with the people around you. That was nasty before COVID; now it’s just stupid.


Get vaxxed if you want, and leave those who don’t want to the hell alone. Watch the full interview below below:



Last Wednesday, I joined Lawrence Jones on Fox News ‘Primetime’ to discuss one of the most consequential failures of the Biden-Harris admin, the blatant mishandling of our southern border.


Biden and Harris are aiding and abetting human and drug smugglers and this crisis. Be sure to watch the interview below:






This past week, I had spoke to EWTN’s ‘News Nightly’ on President Biden’s final attempt to sell his massive multi-trillion dollar social agenda.


As I pointed out, it’s not going to bring in the revenue they think it’s going to bring in… it’s going to increase debt. Watch the full interview below:





Serving the hardworking men and women of Florida’s 19th Congressional District is my distinct honor and privilege. It’s time Washington works for our community’s values, and every day I will always strive to ensure your government is working for you.





Byron Donalds
Member of Congress
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