Primary Election Results – Now to the General Election

Keeping Florida and Collier County Red – Hats off to the Winners!

Russell Tuff
Chairman, CCCVPAC

Congratulations to the winners of the Primary Election.

Although Countywide turnout was only 29.7%, Republican turnout was 36.4%, beating the Democrat 32.5% turnout. No Party Affiliation and Other only turned out at 12.7%. 35% of the Republican vote came on election day.

With the Primary Election behind us, now is the time to unite. There were many good candidates who put it all on the line, but in the end we can only have one winner in each race, and we are fortunate to have such good candidates. Now is the time for us all to come together to make sure we win every race in November. To not do so is unthinkable.

See below as we highlight the Republican winners from Tuesday’s Primary elections.

The Leftists in our country have inspired a Red Wave of patriots not previously involved in politics. With a united Republican Party, we will be assured of victory in November.

I’m glad to see the CCCVPAC has had over 8,600 sessions on our website and 12,600 page views. They spent just a couple seconds less than four minutes on their visits.

Primary Election Winners

Federal Offices

Our Political Action Committee is not allowed to promote Federal candidates, but we are excited that Congressmen Byron Donalds (District 19) and Mario Diaz-Balart (District 26) won their elections handily to take on their Democratic opponent. Also representing a small portion of Immokalee is Scott Franklin who won and is unopposed.

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio will be taking on Democrat Val Demmings

State Offices

Governor Ron DeSantis will take on Democrat Charlie Crist

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody will take on Democrat Aramis Ayala

Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis will take on Democrat Adam Hattersley

Commissioner of Agriculture Wilton Simpson will take on Democrat Naomi Ester Blemur.

District 80 State Representative Adam Botana will take on Democrat Mitchel Schlayer

District 81 State Representative Bob Rommell – won with no opposition

District 82 Representative Lauren Melo – won with no opposition

Local County Races

Chris Hall

Collier County Commission District 2- Chris Hall Winner

Chris Hall won with a resounding 50.1% of the vote.

Hall had overwhelming support on Election Day with over 60% of his vote total on election day.

Hall had 5,728 total votes out of a total of 11,438.

He will face Democrat Bebe Kanter in General Election.




Daniel Kowal

Collier County Commission District 4 – Daniel Kowal Winner

Danil Kowal won by achieving 42% of the vote total of 10,402. He received 80% more votes than incumbent Penny Taylors.

Kowal will face write in candidate Bill Oppenheimer in the general election day in November.

He received 57% of the vote on Election Day.

Competing against three other candidates, Kowal’s vote total was 4,373 out of a total of 10,402 votes cast.


Chris Brown

Collier County Judge Group 3 – Chris Brown Winner

Chris Brown won his race with 52.7% of the vote. On election day he garnered 12,934 votes to his opponents 8,023 to put him over the edge.

Brown won with 35,502 votes to 31,823 for his opponent Pamela Barger

Chris Brown Website



Jerry Rutherford and Jory Westberry

Collier County School Board District 1 Run Off Winners

Jerry D. Rutherford and Jory Westberry will advance to the General Election in November.

Rutherford attained 44.6% of the vote. On Primary Election day, Rutherford captured more than the combined vote of his two opponents.

Jory Westberry obtained 33.1% of the vote


Kelly Lichter and Jen Mitchell

Collier County School Board District 3 Run Off Winners

Kelly Lichter and Jen Mitchell will advance to the General Election in November.

Kelly Lichter received 48.6% of the vote, while Jen Mitchell received 38.2% of the vote.

Jen Mitchell captured the most vote by mail ballots, while Kelly Lichter won the Early and Election Day totals to be the top vote getter.



Tim Moshier and Roy Terry

Collier County School Board District 5 Run Off Winners

Tim Moshier and Roy Terry will advance to the runoff in the General Election in November.

Moshier captured 39.6% of the vote, while Roy Terry Captured 27% of the vote totals.

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