Keeping Florida Red in General Election

Chairman’s Message:

Looking Forward to Keeping Florida Red


My enthusiastic congratulations to the Republican nominees on their primary victories! This is validation that voters throughout our great state understand and value Governor DeSantis’ message of freedom and opportunity for all Floridians.

This would not have been possible had it not been for our terrific volunteers and supporters who made calls, knocked on doors and helped raise awareness of the particular importance of these elections.  We made decisive gains in school board races, ensuring that parents rights are respected and children will not be indoctrinated.

Now, we must join together in unity and continue the momentum toward November, when Florida has another chance to ensure our conservative values carry through to every local, state and national office.

Under the bold leadership of Governor Ron DeSantis and our legislature, Florida is the number one state in the nation for people from other states to move to. His courageous refusal to bow down to liberal woke policies and stifling liberal lockdown mandates kept Florida schools open, businesses thriving and our communities safe.

I can’t stress enough how vital it is that we re-elect Senator Marco Rubio and elect Republican candidates up and down the ballot. The only way to stand up to Joe Biden’s destructive immigration, disastrous fiscal and weak global policies is to elect Republican candidates who will not compromise the values upon which our country was founded.

Florida is the envy of the nation with great congressional, state house and senate candidates who have our backs in defense of individual liberty. We will work hard to ensure that Attorney General Ashley Moody and CFO Jimmy Patronis are re-elected and that Wilton Simpson becomes the next Florida Commissioner of Agriculture!

We have the extraordinary opportunity to turn the tide in Florida and the nation. I am excited for what’s ahead and am counting on all Republicans to join me in doing their part to Keep Florida Free.

Onward to Victory!

RPOF Chairman Joe Gruters



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Watch GOP’s New Defund Charlie Ads

The Republican Party of Florida is running a television and digital advertisement spotlighting Charlie Crist’s record of partnering with Joe Biden to implement a destructive policy agenda that is hurting our country. Visit for more information about Charlie’s dangerous record.

Click below to watch the ad:

Led by Governor DeSantis, Republicans Flip School Boards Across Florida to Conservative Control

Florida Republicans had a huge night Tuesday, winning a whopping 25 of 30 school board races with candidates endorsed by Governor DeSantis, making school districts throughout Florida more in favor of pro-parental rights and anti-woke indoctrination policies.

Some of the biggest wins were in Miami-Dade County where two candidates endorsed by Governor DeSantis won, flipping the board and making it the largest district in the nation governed by a conservative majority. In Duval County, where both candidates supported by Governor DeSantis won and flipped the School Board to a conservative majority 4-3. And in Sarasota County, where all three school board candidates endorsed by Governor DeSantis won convincingly, the board flipped from a 3-2 liberal majority to a 4-1 conservative majority.

Republican voters turned out en masse even without a gubernatorial primary. About 1.6 million GOP voters cast ballots when the race at the top of the ballot was for Agricultural Commissioner, while only 1.5 million Democrat voters showed up to determine who they would nominate for governor.

Tuesday showed clearly that Florida Republicans are pumped up to re-elect the Governor and Republicans up and down the ballot to turn Florida red across the state and in Congress.

Governor DeSantis Launches Keep Florida Free Tour

This week, Governor Ron DeSantis, joined by Senator Marco Rubio and other prominent Republican candidates, launched the Keep Florida Free Tour on Primary night in Miami-Dade County, continuing the next day with stops in Seminole, Duval and Hillsborough counties. The tour will rally and unite Republicans for victory in November up and down the ballot to keep Florida RED.

Governor DeSantis Eliminates ESG from State Pension Investments

Governor DeSantis, along with fellow Trustees of the State Board of Administration (SBA), passed a resolution directing the state’s fund managers to prioritize the highest return on investment without considering the ideological agenda of the environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) movement.

“Corporate power has increasingly been utilized to impose an ideological agenda on the American people through the perversion of financial investment priorities under the euphemistic banners of environmental, social, and corporate governance and diversity, inclusion, and equity,” Governor DeSantis said. ““With the resolution we passed today, the tax dollars and proxy votes of the people of Florida will no longer be commandeered by Wall Street financial firms and used to implement policies through the board room that Floridians reject at the ballot box.”

Read more:

Watch the announcement here:

Read the resolution here:

Governor DeSantis Leads Acquisition of $56 Million to Acquire Nearly 20,000 Acres for Conservation

Governor DeSantis and the Florida Cabinet this week invested $56 million to acquire seven properties across the state that will be designated for conservation. The seven parcels total nearly 20,000 acres, more than 98% of which are within the Florida Wildlife Corridor, a recently designated network of connected lands that are crucial for wildlife habitat.

“Acquiring lands for conservation and recreation is a top priority for my administration,” Governor DeSantis said. “Conservation of these key properties will forever benefit water quality, rare wildlife habitats and corridor linkages, as well as support Florida’s ever-growing economy.”

The purchases and easements include:

  • 768 acres in the Wolfe Creek Florida Forever Project in Santa Rosa County;
  • 376 acres in the St. Joe Timberland Florida Forever Project in Franklin County;
  • A conservation easement covering 11,958 acres in the Horse Creek Ranch Florida Forever Project in DeSoto and Hardee counties;
  • Conservation easements of 3,634 and 615 acres within the Kissimmee-St. Johns River Connector Florida Forever Project in Okeechobee County;
  • A conservation easement of 1,882 acres within the Fisheating Creek Ecosystem Florida Forever Project in Highlands County; and
  • A conservation easement of 663 acres within the Lake Wales Ridge Florida Forever Project in Highlands County.

Read more:

Governor DeSantis Awards More Than $22 Million for Development Projects in 10 Florida Communities

Governor DeSantis this week awarded more than $22 million for community development projects in 10 Florida communities to help communities support economic development and urgent community development needs.

“This $22 million in awards will help 10 communities meet their infrastructure needs and provide long-term services for their residents for years to come,” Governor DeSantis said.

Read more:

Val Demings: Blame America First Radical Rubberstamp

AG Moody Warns of Deadly New Drugs as College Students Return to Campus

As the fall semester begins in Florida, Attorney General Ashley Moody is warning college students about new, deadly drugs flooding the black market. Fentanyl is now the number one killer of adults between the ages of 18 and 45. While this synthetic opioid is often covertly mixed with other substances, it is now being discovered in bright, rainbow colors — raising concerns that it may become more enticing to younger users.

Eutylone, a lesser-known psychoactive bath salt, is also claiming a high number of lives in Florida. The National Institute of Justice reports that Florida accounts for more than 60% of the positive cases of eutylone in the United States. Like fentanyl, it is often being mixed with other illicit drugs and sold to unsuspecting users with deadly consequences.

“As millions of teens and young adults begin another academic year, I want to make sure these students understand the dangers of using illicit drugs,” Attorney General Moody said. “More common drugs like cocaine, meth and ecstasy are being mixed with other dangerous substances and sold to unsuspecting users. So never take an illicit substance and remember that just one pill can kill.”

CFO Patronis: Florida Must Fight ESG Fees in the Insurance Market

Florida Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Jimmy Patronis said Florida must push back against the movement of “Environmental, Social, and Governance” – known as ESG – which is beginning to spread throughout the global insurance market. The CFO said the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation must assess the role of ESG in insurance markets so Florida can better fight back.

“I believe ESG is un-American because global asset managers are using the woke standards to re-engineer society through billion-dollar industries,” CFO Jimmy Patronis said. “It’s undemocratic. Moreover, it appears it’s not confined to equities alone. It looks like insurance markets are beginning to write coverage based on ESG criteria.”

Lieutenant Governor Nuñez: Florida will Always Fight for Freedom

Lieutenant Governor Nuñez was on the Florida’s Voice news network during a forum in Fort Myers in a far-ranging discussion of Governor DeSantis’ policies. “Common sense prevails over woke nonsense here in the Free State of Florida,” she said.

Watch the entire interview:



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