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Governor DeSantis Follows Through on Promise to Relocate Illegal Immigrants to Sanctuary Cities

Governor Ron DeSantis’ message to illegal immigrants who are illegally entering our country is clear: Florida is not a sanctuary state, and Florida will gladly facilitate the transport of illegal immigrants to sanctuary jurisdictions. President Biden needs to do his job and secure the border.

Governor DeSantis is making good on his promise to relocate illegal immigrants to places that welcome illegal immigration with open arms, such as sanctuary cities and states, and they can bear the strain on resources and to public safety that these open border policies bring.

Governor DeSantis requested funds in the state budget to transport illegal aliens to sanctuary states. It’s paid for using interest from federal funds. Meanwhile, Biden used our tax dollars to pay contractors to smuggle thousands of illegal immigrants to our cities in the dead of night for months, and the federal government has completely lost control of the southern border.


Florida Ranks Number One in Education Freedom

Governor DeSantis highlighted Florida’s number one ranking in education freedom at the unveiling of The Heritage Foundation’s 2022 Education Freedom Report Card. The report lauds Florida’s dedication to education transparency, regulatory freedom and return on investment, while praising the state’s rejection of critical race theory and championing of school choice and educational savings accounts.

“When other states were locking people down and keeping their kids out of school, we made sure kids were in school because we put their well-being before politics,” Governor DeSantis said. “While states like California, New York, and Illinois that denied in-person education to their children are now suffering from plummeting educational outcomes, Florida’s schoolchildren are thriving because we invest in our students and we empower parents to decide what learning environment is best for their kids.”

Throughout his time in office, Governor DeSantis has made education a top priority. By enshrining parents’ rights, expanding school choice, raising teacher pay, promoting civics education, bolstering workforce education and holding higher education accountable, Florida is leading the way as an educational model for the nation.

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Florida Public Universities Ranked Among the Nation’s Best

Governor DeSantis announced that Florida public universities earned top spots in multiple categories in U.S. News and World Report’s 2022-2023 Best Colleges rankings.

  • The University of Florida is ranked number 5;
  • Florida State University is number 19;
  • The University of South Florida was ranked among the top 50 public universities in the country at number 42; and
  • The University of Central Florida and Florida International University came in at 64 and 72 respectively.

As of 2021, Florida has been ranked the number one state for higher education for five consecutive years by U.S. News and World Report.

“Florida schools are some of the best in the nation, and these rankings show that our investments in higher education and our focus on providing an affordable, quality education are paying off,” Governor DeSantis said. “I am especially proud that we have not allowed tuition increases since I have been Governor, making higher education in Florida as affordable as virtually anywhere in the nation.”

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Governor DeSantis Again Thanks Florida’s First Responders with $1,000 Bonus

Governor DeSantis met with members of the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department to deliver $1,000 bonuses that reward our first responders, recognizing them for their dedicated public service.

“Florida supports our first responders because these men and women put on their uniforms every day to serve and protect,” Governor DeSantis said. “These bonuses are a token of our appreciation for the work that they do and the sacrifices they make to keep Florida safe.”

Eligible recipients of the first responder recognition bonus payments are police officers, sheriff’s deputies, paramedics, emergency medical technicians and firefighters employed by local governments throughout the state.

Learn more information about the First Responder Recognition Bonuses:

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Governor DeSantis Activates the Florida National Guard to Assist the Department of Corrections

Governor DeSantis activated the Florida National Guard to help the Florida Department of Corrections reduce overtime and provide relief for correctional officers on a temporary basis.

During the 2022 Legislative Session, Governor DeSantis approved record pay increases to recruit and retain corrections officers. These historic pay increases and other incentives have shown early signs of success, with a net gain of nearly 640 officers since the conclusion of the 2022 session, compared to a net loss of more than 465 in the same amount of time prior.

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Senator Rubio Ad: Val Demings Would be the Most Liberal Florida Senator Ever

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Senator Rubio Ad: Getting Things Done

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AG Moody Collects Devastating Evidence of Biden’s Plans to Immediately Release Masses of Illegal Immigrants into U.S.

Attorney General Ashley Moody continues to obtain devastating evidence of President Joe Biden’s failed immigration policies. Through aggressive litigation efforts, AG Moody’s office obtained a memo outlining the federal government’s plan to simply mass-release immigrants into the United States once Title 42 is repealed.

During the Attorney General’s Office deposition of U.S. Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz, the chief testified that he had never before, during a 31-year career, seen or issued an order like the emergency memo.

“The Biden administration’s failed immigration policies are disastrous. Expecting to be overrun, Biden’s Border Patrol drafted a plan to hunker down and allow inadmissible immigrants to flood into the country,” Attorney General Moody said. “But for the efforts of our office and other responsible-minded, public-safety oriented attorneys general, Title 42 would have been repealed and Biden would have released untold thousands of additional immigrants into the interior of our country — outrageous!”

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CFO Patronis: “Not On My Watch.”

Releases Bill to Yank Licenses from IRS Vendors Who Discriminate

Florida CFO Jimmy Patronis released draft legislation this week for the upcoming legislative session to take the licenses of IRS vendors who discriminate. The legislation would establish anti-discrimination provisions on state licensed debt collectors.

“With 87,000 new IRS personnel, there is absolutely no doubt that some of those new agents are going to target Floridians based on their political beliefs, and it’s likely they could hire state licensed debt collectors to go after you,” CFO Patronis said. “Not on my watch. If a debt collector wrongly discriminates against, or targets, Floridians based on their political affiliation, ideology, viewpoint or conduct, we’ll yank their license to do business in Florida.”

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LG Nuñez on Newsmax: A Pedophile is a Pedophile

Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Núñez told Newsmax this week that the push to rebrand pedophiles as “minor-attracted persons” is “disgusting” and Florida won’t stand for it.

“A pedophile is a pedophile and they’re a pervert, and so that’s what we need to refer to them as,” she said. “There is no wokeism in our book that is going to allow a pedophile to be cast in a positive light.

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