Update on Republicans and DeSantis Campaign

Sunday, May 8th marked exactly six months from Election Day 2022 and Governor DeSantis’s campaign continues to move full steam ahead!

Last week, Governor DeSantis signed the largest tax relief package in Florida history, reaffirmed his commitment to combatting red tide and investing in Florida’s beaches with nearly $14 million in funding to support red tide research and innovative mitigation technologies, and signed a record $30 million in funding to protect Florida’s manatees.

The campaign also announced a $5.3 million Hispanic media reservation because as Joe Biden and the Democrat Party continue to lose their footing with the Hispanic community, Republicans are gaining and growing. Spanish-speaking Hispanics in Florida and across the country are moving toward Governor Ron DeSantis because of his emphasis on economic opportunity, education, public safety, and other family-focused policies.

Republicans in Florida are energized like never before and as of this week, Republicans outnumber Democrats by over 133,000 registered voters.

Show your support for Governor DeSantis’s freedom agenda by signing our exclusive card HERE. We’re showing the Governor all the signatures from supporters at the end of May, so be sure to sign it before it’s too late!

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